Will Kinect work with Xbox one

Xbox One Kinect

The Xbox One Kinect is a motion-sensing input device for the Xbox One console. It allows users to control and interact with the Xbox One without the use of a controller. The Kinect sensor is designed to work with the Xbox One console and can be used to play games, navigate the console, and control other functions.

What is in the box

The Xbox One Kinect comes with the Kinect 2.0 sensor, a power supply, a USB 3.0 extension cable, and instructions.

Kinect Sensor

The Xbox One Kinect Sensor brings a whole new level of play to your gaming experience. With full-body tracking, voice commands, and advanced features like facial recognition and muscle movement detection, the Kinect sensor lets you jump into action like never before. And thanks to its compatibility with both the Xbox One and Windows 10, you can use your Kinect sensor to play games and control applications on your PC or console. So whether you’re playing a game, watching a movie, or just enjoying some quality time with your family, the Xbox One Kinect Sensor is the perfect way to get more out of your entertainment.

Kinect Adapter

As of June 2014, the Kinect sensor for Xbox One is not compatible with Xbox 360. However, Microsoft has released a separate Kinect Adapter that allows you to use your Xbox One Kinect sensor with your Xbox 360.

The Kinect Adapter for Xbox One can be purchased from the Microsoft Store or other retailers. Once you have the adapter, you will need to connect it to both your Xbox 360 and your TV. This adapter will allow you to use all of the Kinect features on your Xbox One, including voice commands and gesture controls.

You can find more information on the Microsoft website.

Kinect Features

The Kinect is a device that is used in conjunction with the Xbox One gaming console. It is an infrared camera that is used to track the movement of the player’s body. The Kinect can also be used to control the game with gestures and voice commands.

Voice Recognition

Kinect for Xbox One has vastly improved voice recognition. It can now filter out background noise and recognize multiple voices in multiple languages. The new Kinect is also more responsive to commands, so you can navigate your Xbox One dashboard and use apps more easily.

Gesture Recognition

One of the features that sets the Kinect apart is its gesture recognition capabilities. The Kinect can track your body movements and gestures and translate them into commands for the Xbox One. For example, you can wave your hand to dismiss a menu, or raise your hand to select an item. You can also use gestures to control games and other apps. The Kinect can even recognize some facial expressions, like a smile or a frown.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is a way of identifying or verifying the identity of an individual based on their facial features. Facial recognition systems can be used to identify people in a crowd, verify the identity of someone trying to gain access to a secure building, or track the movements of criminal suspects. Kinect for Xbox One uses facial recognition to sign you in to your console and keep your information private. It can also recognize your friends and family, so you can quickly and easily switch between them when you’re playing games or watching movies.

Kinect Games

The Xbox One Kinect sensor works with every Xbox One console. The Kinect sensor tracks your full body movement and lets you use your voice to control your Xbox One. The sensor has a field of view of roughly six feet, so it can track a person even if they’re not right in front of it.


The fitness genre was one of the first to make full use of the Xbox 360’s Kinect sensor, and there are plenty of solid workout options available for the Xbox One’s Kinect sensor as well. While the PlayStation 4 has its own share of fitness games available, the Kinect-based titles on the Xbox One tend to be more fully featured and offer a more immersive experience.


The new Kinect sensor will work with all Xbox One consoles. It will be available as an optional accessory at launch. The Kinect sensor for Xbox One has a 1080p HD camera, advanced infrared technology and a microphone array with noise isolation for improved voice recognition.


The best party games for the Xbox One all make use of the Kinect sensor in some way. Kinect Sports Rivals is the newest and best Kinect game out there, and it’s a great way to get a group of people moving. Just Dance 2016 is also a solid choice, especially if you have younger kids in your party. And if you’re looking for something a little more physical, Fantasia: Music Evolved is a great option that will have everyone dancing along.

Kinect Specs

The Kinect is a device that is used in conjunction with the Xbox One gaming console. It is an infrared camera that is used to track the player’s movement and gestures. The Kinect can also be used to control the Xbox One interface.

Field of View

55 degrees horizontal / 43 degrees vertical

Depth Sensing

The original Kinect for Xbox 360 was revolutionary in that it allowed gamers to control their consoles and games using only their bodies and gestures. The second-generation Kinect, included with every Xbox One, builds on that success by adding a 1080p camera, wider field of view, and the ability to track up to six people at once. It also includes voice recognition and improved skeletal tracking.

HD Resolution

The Kinect for Xbox One has a 1080p RGB camera, 3x the distortion correction of the Kinect for Xbox 360, significantly upgraded noise reduction and excellent low light sensitivity. The field of view is 70 degrees horizontal by 60 degrees vertical. We’ve also increased the sensor’s active pixel count to 2.4 million.

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