Surface pro 3 outputs

display options

The surface pro 3 has a few different display options that you can choose from. You can use either the built-in display, an external display, or a projector. The built-in display is the most convenient option, but it doesn’t give you the best quality image. The external display gives you the best quality image, but it’s not as convenient as the built-in display. The projector is the least convenient option, but it gives you the largest display.


The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has a Mini DisplayPort that can connect to an external display. The port can be used with a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter to connect to an HDMI television or monitor, or it can be used with a Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter to connect to a VGA display.

mini display port

The mini DisplayPort is a miniaturized version of the DisplayPort interface. It was introduced in October 2008 by Apple Inc. (which had used the term Mini DVI for an earlier, less capable analogue video output connector) and enabled the output of both video and audio from a single connector on a MacBook Air laptop.

While retaining backward compatibility with DVI and VGA, mini DisplayPort also supports high resolution displays with resolutions up to 2560×1600 at 60 Hz over a single cable. It additionally supportslessly common formats such as QXGA, WSXGA+, and UXGA.


The audio port on the surface pro 3 is a 3.5mm jack. This allows you to use standard headphones, or you can purchase adapters to use other types of headphones. The surface pro 3 also has a built-in microphone.

3.5 mm jack

The 3.5 mm jack is the most common type of audio jack found on headphones and other audio devices. It is also commonly used as a microphone input on computers and other devices. The 3.5 mm jack is also known as amini-jack or a TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) connector.

integrated stereo speakers

The Surface Pro 3 has two integrated stereo speakers. The built-in speakers are located on the left and right side of the tablet, near the top.

other ports

In addition to the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack and a full-size USB 3.0 port, the Surface Pro 3 also has a Mini DisplayPort. This is great for connecting to an external display, and it’s also how you’ll charge the device. The Surface Pro 3 also has a microSD card reader, which is a nice addition.

usb 3.0

The USB 3.0 port is a standard port that allows you to connect a variety of devices to your Surface Pro 3, including storage devices, printers, and scanners.

microsd card reader

The microSD card reader on the Surface Pro 3 is located on the right side of the device, next to the USB 3.0 port. To use it, simply insert a microSD card into the slot and then you can access the files on the card from within File Explorer.

additional features

The Surface Pro 3 is a great device that has a lot of features. One of the additional features is the ability to use a mini DisplayPort to connect to an external monitor. There are also a few other features that are not found on other devices.

5 mp front-facing camera

5 MP front-facing camera for Skype calls and HD video recording.

8 mp rear-facing camera

This device not only includes a 5 mp front-facing camera for HD video chat and taking selfies, but also an 8 mp rear-facing camera with autofocus for taking great photos and videos.

surface pen

The Surface Pro 3 comes with a digital pen, which allows you to take notes, sign documents, and doodle directly on the screen. The pen uses Wacom EMR technology and has 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

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