Microsoft super bowl commercial 2014


Microsoft has released their 2014 Super Bowl commercial, which features a variety of people and situations in which technology has positively impacted. The ad highlights the company’s tagline, “Empowering us all,” and features footage of people with a wide range of disabilities using Microsoft products to help them with their everyday lives.

What was the commercial about?

The commercial was about a boy named Dylan and his relationship with his father. The commercial showed how the father and son bonded over their shared love of football, and how Dylan’s father had taught him everything he knows about the game. The commercial then showed how, as Dylan got older, he began to lose interest in football and instead started to focus on other things. However, the commercial ended with a heartwarming scene in which Dylan’s father gave him a football signed by all of his favorite players, and Dylan said that he would never forget what his father had taught him.

What was the reaction to the commercial?

When Microsoft released their commercial during the 2014 Super Bowl, it was met with a largely positive response. The commercial features a young boy with prosthetic legs playing football with his friends. The touching ad highlights the boy’s perseverance and how Microsoft’s technology has helped him achieve his goals.

Critics praised the commercial for its heartwarming message and its representation of disabled people in a positive light. Some viewers even said that it was one of the best commercials of the night. However, there were some who thought that the commercial was cheesy or too feel-good. Overall, though, the reaction to Microsoft’s Super Bowl commercial was mostly positive.

What does this commercial say about Microsoft?

This commercial features a number of people using Microsoft products in a variety of situations. It highlights the company’s commitment to helping people “achieve more.” It also showcases some of Microsoft’s most popular products, including Windows and Office.


The commercial is heartwarming, and it will definitely tug at your heartstrings. It is a feel-good commercial that is sure to leave you with a smile on your face. It is also a great way to get people talking about Microsoft and its products.

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