How to delete win dump files windows 10


Most computer users don’t know what dump files are or why they are created. Dump files are created when an error, such as a system crash or blue screen of death (BSOD), occurs. These files store temporary information that may be useful in diagnosing the problem. However, they can also take up a lot of space on your hard drive, so you may want to delete them from time to time. In this article, we’ll show you how to delete dump files in Windows 10.

What are WIN DUMP files?

WIN DUMP files are created by the Windows Error Reporting (WER) feature of Windows. WER collects data about errors that occur when programs crash and sends it to Microsoft. This information helps Microsoft improve the quality of its software.

If you want to delete WIN DUMP files, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Open File Explorer and go to the directory where Windows stores WIN DUMP files. By default, this is C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportQueue .
  2. Select all the files in this directory and delete them.
  3. You may also want to delete the following directories:
    How to delete WIN DUMP files?
    WIN DUMP files are nothing but log files which are automatically created by the system whenever any type of crash or blue screen error occurs in Windows 10. These files are stored in the C:\Windows\LiveKernalReports folder. Though these files are not harmful, they can take up a lot of space on your hard drive. So, if you want to delete them, here’s how you can do it.
    Method 1: Delete using the Disk Cleanup Utility
  4. Press the Windows key and type in Disk Cleanup.
  5. Select the drive you want to clean up and then click OK.
  6. In the Disk Cleanup dialog box, click the More Options tab.
  7. In the More Options tab, click Clean up under System Restore and Shadow Copies.
  8. Click OK to confirm and Disk Cleanup will delete your WIN DUMP files.
    Method 2: Delete using the Command Prompt

    If you want to delete the WIN DUMP files manually, you can do so using the Command Prompt. Here’s how:

1.First, open the Command Prompt by pressing the Windows key + X and then selecting Command Prompt from the list of options.

2.Next, type in del /f /q /a “%windir%\Minidump*.*” and press Enter on your keyboard.
This will delete all of the WIN DUMP files from your computer.


In conclusion, you can use the Windows 10 built-in Disk Cleanup tool to delete temporary files, Thank you for your attention.

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