Destiny 2 Xbox one beta release date


The Xbox One Destiny 2 beta is set to begin on July 18, 2017, just over a month before the game’s official release date. The beta will be open to everyone who pre-orders the game, regardless of which platform they’re playing on.

Those who don’t pre-order the game will still have a chance to play it during a brief open beta period that’s scheduled to take place sometime in August.

The Destiny 2 beta will include the game’s opening story mission, as well as two crucible multiplayer maps and one competitive mode. Bungie has also promised that the beta will offer “a taste” of the new cooperative strike mode.

What is the Destiny 2 Xbox One Beta Release Date?

The Destiny 2 Xbox One beta release date is set for July 18, 2017. This is the first beta release date for Destiny 2, and it will be followed by betas on PS4 (July 19) and PC (a later date yet to be announced).

How to Prepare for the Beta

The Destiny 2 Beta is fast approaching. Are you ready?

Here are a few things you can do to get prepared:

  1. Make sure your console is updated and connected to the internet. The beta will be downloaded and installed automatically.
  2. If you haven’t already, create or log in to your Bungie account and link it to your console account. This will be how you access the beta.
  3. Read through the beta FAQs so you know what to expect.
  4. Gather your fireteam! The beta will be more fun with friends.
  5. Charge your controller and make sure you have plenty of storage space cleared out on your console—the beta size has not been announced yet, but it will likely be similar to the Destiny 1 Beta, which was around 4 GB.
  6. Most importantly, clear your schedule for July 18-23! That’s when the party starts.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be ready for anything the beta throws at you—well, except maybe network issues beyond your control. But we’ll all be in this together, so don’t worry—we’ll get through it together and come out stronger (and better prepared) on the other side.

What to Expect in the Beta

The Beta for Destiny 2 on Xbox One will go live on July 18th, 2017 and will run until July 23rd, 2017. For more information on what you can expect in the Beta, be sure to check out our Beta Guide.

The main focus of the Beta will be to test server stability and performance ahead of the game’s launch on September 6th, 2017. However, there will also be a chance to check out some of the new content coming in Destiny 2. This includes:

  • The first mission from the campaign
  • The Inverted Spire Strike mission
  • Two Crucible multiplayer maps: Midtown and Endless Vale
  • New subclasses for each Guardian class
    From what we’ve seen so far, the Destiny 2 beta on Xbox One looks very promising. The graphics are impressive, the gunplay is tight, and the new subclasses add some much-needed diversity to the game. With that said, there are still some areas that need improvement, such as the lack of enemy variety and the lack of Story missions in the beta. Overall, though, we’re very excited for the full release of Destiny 2 on Xbox One.

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