Battlefront 2 early beta


Battlefront 2 is an online multiplayer first- and third-person shooter set in the timeline of the Star Wars films. The early beta for the game is currently underway, and those who have been lucky enough to get their hands on a copy have been able to play and explore the game for themselves.

The beta features two modes – Galactic Assault and Starfighter Assault – as well as three maps: Theed, Tatooine, and Endor. In Galactic Assault, players can choose to play as either the rebels or the empire and must complete objectives in order to win. Starfighter Assault is a dogfighting mode in which players must work together to take down enemy fighters and capital ships.

So far, feedback for the beta has been positive, with many players enjoying the changes made to the game since the first Battlefront. The full release of the game is scheduled for November 17th, 2017.

What is Battlefront 2 Early Beta?

Battlefront 2 Early Beta is the newest game in the Battlefield franchise. It is a first-person shooter video game that was developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. The game was released on October 21, 2016, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is the sequel to the 2015 reboot of the series.

The storyline of Battlefront 2 spans across 30 years, starting shortly after Return of the Jedi and ending with The Forces Awakens. The game’s campaign follows Iden Versio, commander of Inferno Squad, an elite special forces unit of the Galactic Empire, who is marksman and pilot turning against the empire after the destruction of Starkiller Base and Emperor Palpatine’s death at Battle of Endor. Multiplayer mode features objective-based battles across all three Star Wars eras.

How to Get Battlefront 2 Early Beta?

The Battlefront 2 Early Beta is a great way to get an early start on the game. This allows you to play the game before it comes out and gives you a chance to try out all the new features. However, you need to have an EA account with an Origin Access Premier subscription in order to get it. If you don’t have this, you can still buy it from retail stores once it comes out.

What’s Included in Battlefront 2 Early Beta?

The Battlefront 2 Early Beta includes: -4 Vs. AI modes -4 Multiplayer modes on 4 maps -Arcade mode -Starfighter Assault mode


After having played the early beta for a few hours, I have to say that I am impressed with what I’ve seen so far. The graphics are stunning, the gameplay is fast and fluid, and the maps are well designed. There is a lot of potential for this game to be one of the best shooters of 2017. I’m looking forward to playing more in the coming weeks.

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